About Fruit Juice Matters

Fruit Juice Matters – why we do what we do

In recent years, much of the true science behind 100% fruit juice and its health benefits has been misread or excluded from the debate on health, leading to consumer confusion.

Through Fruit Juice Matters, the AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association) is addressing this confusion by offering clear, evidence-based scientific information on juice. AIJN is supporting growers, packers and the rest of the fruit juice industry and together we help share the science and facts about how 100% juice can support good health and celebrate its goodness.

Fruit Juice Matters is a pan-European, science-based campaign across 14 countries designed to share credible and balanced research about fruit juice. We want to share unbiased information on the benefits of 100% fruit juice drunk in moderation, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We don’t favour or promote specific brands or products; our role is simply to provide truthful, scientific evidence that shows how 100% fruit juice, along with its vitamins and minerals, can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

What do we do?

Fruit Juice Matters works with national fruit juice associations from 14 countries to share science and opinions from leading experts and clear and credible science for everyone: from scientist and doctor, to nutritionist and dietitian, journalist and consumer.

Our efforts include providing comprehensive scientific information to health care professionals (such as literature summaries, factsheets and nutrient charts), sharing information at industry events, as well as connecting the media to balanced information. Of course, each country in the campaign has its own Fruit Juice Matters website containing lots of country-specific information and activity as well.

How can you get involved?

How does fruit juice fit into your life? Are you a food expert, scientist, researcher, nutritionist or dietician? Maybe you are a member of a national fruit juice association, a bottler, or a consumer? We want to hear from you! Contact us via our Contact page to learn more about how you can become involved and/or contribute to the campaign if you aren’t doing so already.

Need more information?

Head to our contact page to get in touch with the team at Fruit Juice Matters.

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