How do healthcare professionals view 100% fruit juices?

IPSOS did research in the Euopean Union on the view of healthcare professionals on 100% fruit juice. These are the results:

2099 interviews, 14 markets among GP's, Nutritionists/Diecticians and Paediatricians

Key findings

70 percent of healthcare professionals agree that 100% orange juice is ‘very’ or ‘quite good’ for people;

67 percent agree that 100% orange juice can be a complement to people’s daily intake of fruit and vegetables;

59 percent sometimes or often recommend that patients drink 100% fruit juice;

When four different messages about fruit juice were tested, there was most support for the concept that 100% fruit juice is a ‘healthy pleasure’ – a tasty and convenient way to increase fruit and vegetable intake while providing a natural source of energy, vitamins and minerals.