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Science and health information on 100% fruit juice.

There’s more to 100% fruit juice than its refreshing taste. 
Fruit Juice Matters is brought to you by AIJN (the European Fruit Juice Association). Our mission is to share the science behind 100% fruit juice and celebrate its goodness.
Study the research demonstrating the health benefits of fruit juice and see why world-renowned experts believe 100% fruit juice is good for health and a tasty and convenient way to fit a serving of fruit into our diets.

*For example, 100% orange juice is a source of vitamin C which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue



Science, juice, and health

The heart of Fruit Juice Matters is to supply balanced, credible information about 100% fruit juice that is backed by science. If research findings are misinterpreted or ignored, it can lead to conflicting information for consumers and health care professionals.

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What's in 100% fruit juice?

100% fruit juice is simply fruit that has been juiced. It naturally contains around 10% sugars while the remaining 90% is made up of water, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients – all of which come straight from the whole fruit.

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Juice in the diet

Wondering how 100% fruit juice could have a place in the diet?

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From farm to glass

It’s important to know where our food and drink comes from. 100% fruit juice comes straight from whole fruit and according to EU and national fruit juice legislation it can never contain any added sugar.

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Top up on fruit & veg

 Research shows that 100% fruit juice complements rather than replaces whole fruit and vegetables, so it adds to daily intake.

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